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Highly-repeatable, best practice IT system management and service delivery.

Advanced server management service by Ridgeway Computers of Canada

Ridgeway Computers offers full scale server management for the business and enterprising companies that have adopted smart functioning and frontline ICT mechanisms to run their operations. We assist the firms of entire diversity through server management for them and our services are delivered as full time 24/7 so that the operations and data are never at stake any time. Due to dynamic, real time response and high service potential, Ridgeway Computers has earned the satisfaction and trust of the clients in the corporate domains in Canada. Our high end server management and associated capacities are derived through continuous skill and knowledge upgradation on our part. Ridgeway Computers ensures that the technicians in its server service department are well trained in the latest conducts and requirements so that they are able to cater to the real time exigencies in a desirable and satisfactory manner.

High quality service –

We are specialists in offering technical service for different kinds of application and data servers. Whatever be the custom configuration of your ‘in house’ servers, our engineers decipher the functioning and fault in them in the least of time and deliver prompt and effective solutions to bounce back your operations. A lengthy experience at our credit allows us to offer such swift and specialized service each time our client in corporate domain calls at our desk for support and assistance. Routine checking and performance audit tasks are also offered by Ridgeway Computers to ascertain the efficiency and check the vulnerabilities that are latent. This buffers your operations from the unwarranted shocks and inconsistencies.

Our salient services in the segment of server management include the following –

  • 24/7 online, mail and phone based tech support for OS and application/data servers
  • Automated OS and security updates
  • Managed OS and security updates
  • Application updates management
  • Basic monthly check services
  • Server monitoring and cleanup tasks relating to directories, log files in memory
  • Configuration and tuning– Networking, open source applications and database servers
  • Advanced security check of servers for vulnerability scans

Our server products

We offer cost effective yet robust terminal and domain servers that deliver super functionalities towards making the enterprise functions swift, seamless, networked yet secure and customized. Our terminal server products are offered with the following functional attributes and segments.

 Enterprise Terminal Server

These are the mammoth configuration servers offering unlimited number of simultaneous users and remote desktops clients. We also manage efficiently the load balancing tasks and do the user distribution to keep the operations buoyant. Multiple number AADS Terminal Servers are worked in the configuration as per the custom requirements.

We do the requisite application publishing and generate user control for domain groups and also the localusers groups. We deliver perfectly seamless servers together with integrated SSL mechanisms and built in firewalls for customsecured endpoints in your office.
Our Small Terminal Server products

 These servers offer 5, 10 or unlimited numbers of concurrent users

Application publishing and control if done for locally defined users and groups.

All other functions and requirements like SSL, inbuilt firewall etc are ensured in these servers to keep them safe and buoyant and responsive towards your custom requirements.

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