Full HD security camera systems

In addition to providing sales and servicing for security cameras, Ridgeway Computers in Mississauga also provides installation and maintenance services for these cameras. In addition to catering to home consumers, we also serve corporate clients who are interested in protecting their environments from unwelcome incursions by antisocial elements, strangers, and other individuals who are not permitted to enter the workplace. In order to ensure that your location is completely protected, we provide a comprehensive selection of surveillance cameras and the accessories that go along with them, such as DVR and NVR setups. All of the cameras and other components that are part of the security architecture are obtained directly from the most prominent firms and their authorized distributors located all around the globe. This guarantees that you will get only authentic items that are guaranteed to function without any problems, and that the warranties will remain intact in the event that any discrepancies arise in them.

Credentials for Providing Great Service

Due to the fact that we provide service that is both dedicated and fast, Ridgeway Computers has become the most trusted and desired place in Canada for security cameras. Another service that we provide is prompt service, which is provided by our highly experienced experts who are always ready to provide technical help to both domestic and corporate customers in real time over the internet, via email, or over the phone. The provision of individualized service in the field of security cameras is our defining characteristic, and we cater to our customers after determining their requirements from scratch each and every time. Because of this, you can be certain that you will get the ideal solution that is tailored to meet the requirements of your ambient security. During their visit to the location, our engineers conduct a comprehensive assessment and then provide recommendations about the most suitable layout. Ridgeway Computers in Mississauga also provides its current customers with help for maintenance and care, which is accessible to users.

Our full HD security camera systems are of the highest quality and are equipped with the most up-to-date technologies, including motion sensors, audio capture, tilting, two-way audio communication, image stabilization, and other intelligent features. You also have the option of selecting a security feeds system that is either of the IP-based NVR type or the CCTV DVR type, depending on the needs that you have.