Data Recovery

It may be a painful experience to replace broken hardware, but what can be even more aggravating is the data that is stored on your hard disk. Ridgeway Computers in Mississauga have a mix of cutting-edge software and gear that enables us to extract data such as documents, images, and movies from a hard drive or a computer system that is malfunctioning due to a hardware issue in a professional manner. The intricacy of the project and the amount of time that is used both have an impact on the rates for data recovery. If we are unable to retrieve the data, we will not charge you anything.

Backing Up Data

It is more crucial than ever to back up your data since, in the event that your hardware fails, there is a possibility that there will be nothing left to recover. Through our comprehensive data backup service, we are able to transfer your data your own portable hard drive in a safe manner, ensuring that the integrity of the data is not compromised. The procedure that we use guarantees that all of the data is transferred and that no files are left behind; any data that is not retrieved is included in a report that is delivered by the technician. The reinstallation of the operating system can need the use of a data backup or recovery solution.

Recovering Data from SSD

As is the case with any data recovery service, there is no assurance that the data will be properly retrieved. Solid State Drives make it more challenging to retrieve information due to the fact that the kind of drive employs non-volatile memory chips during the extraction process. Should the chips sustain damage, it is possible that there is no data that can be recovered. Reach out to Ridgeway Computers today for all your data recovery solutions in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington.