PC Tutoring & Installation

Ridgeway Computers in Mississauga provides devoted and personalized live PC tuition to those who may phone us at any time. If you've just purchased a new PC and aren't sure where to begin, give us a call and our specialists will gladly guide you through the best and simplest methods to get things done. Our PC tutoring and installation services are provided by computer specialists with extensive knowledge and expertise in a variety of system setups and hardware networks. They always instruct the caller on how to safely unpack the package and create the first connections. To make things easier, the information is provided in a step-by-step format and in plain, nontechnical language. Our professionals will help you until your PC is completely setup, configured, and functioning with your instructions. Whether you purchased a Mac, PC, or laptop, we are here to assist you throughout! Just contact us at 905-607-0096!

The Troubleshooting

Apart from aiding callers with new PC installations, our specialists also provide PC tutoring on a wide variety of difficulties that any user may have while working on his computer. A PC is a clever but complicated machine, and an incorrect or unjustified command might drive it into unwanted settings, causing problems for the user who stays unaware and concerned about the situation. Thus, if your computer has hung or you are experiencing booting issues, we will assist you as well. Our troubleshooting support is designed to be highly genuine and utilize basic protocols that any caller, regardless of computer experience, can understand! We take the caller through the diagnostic cycles, and the specialists determine the nature and reason of the inconsistency being experienced by the user on the other end. After determining the reason, the expert on call directs the user to the solution. We provide comprehensive support for anything from anti-virus applications to BIOS settings and other concerns.

PC tuition at Ridgeway Computers

Live calling Ridgeway Computers' PC tuition services in Mississauga provide a variety of subjects from which the seeker may choose. We provide thorough computer instruction and maintenance. Whether you want us to teach you how to create an email account or send an email, or you want to know how to download a film, we can assist you with all aspects and needs! Just contact us at 905-607-0096.