Access Control System

There is a significant issue in the contemporary setting of elderly care that involves residents wandering off and escaping. Due to the increasing number of people who are suffering from various stages of dementia, it has become more vital to maintain a safe atmosphere that is both secure and reminiscent of a home. As a result of the fact that residents with dementia are more likely to get confused and disoriented the moment they leave the bounds of the institution, access control has become much more vital in the field of elderly care than it has ever been before.

Even while the safety of the residents is of the first importance, the safety and productivity of the personnel is equally essential to the continuous functioning of any elderly care facility. Since Ridgeway Computers in Mississauga has a long history of providing the consulting that is necessary to make the most of today's technology, we are able to provide and install the appropriate system to fulfill your operational needs since we have this experience.

Key features
  • Keypad or proximity card door control.
  • Alarms if the door is open too long.
  • Network reporting of door access.
  • Software control of users cards or pin numbers.
  • Integration with fire systems so that doors release on fire alarm.
  • Battery backup for extra security.

Ridgeway Computers in Mississauga can install an access control system as simple as a single door or gate secured by a pin pad or proximity card reader to restrict access to authorised users. We can also provide large enterprise systems that encompass multiple sites across different cities and states that function as one system. These systems are vital for the security of Multi National and interstate companies, controlling access of thousands of staff through hundreds of doors, multiple lift cars and many gates.