IT Supports

We offer a comprehensive and cost effective IT support package for small and medium size businesses.Outsourcing IT Support: Looking to outsource some or all of your IT? We have a proven track record in providing small and medium size business¬es in the Greater Toronto Areawith reliable and cost effective IT support.


We monitor and test your backup systems to ensure they are backed-up and that the data can be recovered. If you are not currently running a backup, we are able to implement a backup solution that meets your needs.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Without the appropriate back-up, you could find yourself out of
business, hours, days or much worse! Everyone needs an effective back-up
and recovery service to ensure your business data is protected and
retained no matter what happens to your system.
We are experts in
providing back-up and data recovery solutions to ensure your business
data is safe and you can concentrate on your daily work commitments.

To find out more call us on 905 607 0096


We have experience in various email systems, from Micr¬o¬soft Exchange to simple POP3 . We can install and maintain your system to ensure your company can communicate with no interruption and at an efficient speed.

Hardware Repairs (Laptops, Desktops, Printers)

We can provide a swift repair service for most IT problems. Pro¬viding it is not beyond repair, we will resolve your hardware, desktop, server, laptops and printers problems.

Helpdesk Support

Having a Virtual IT department does not mean being left stranded.

Our team of experts is always available to help and guide you through any queries and help you resolve ¬any issues. We can access your system remotely and resolve most problems that way.


We are fully aware of the importance of homeworking and the need to work away from the office on occasions. This is why our standard IT support also supports users when working away – at home or at another location. We configure your system for secure, quick and easy remote access.

License Management

We provide a comprehensive license service to ensure:

Networking – Wireless, Router, Switches and Printers

Today’s highly performance IT systems are highly reliant on the right connections and communi¬cation links having been put into place. We can assist by providing a secure and functional network system to help you grow your business and support its users. We can even link your separate sites together to create one big network for your convenience. We are experts in designing and installing networks that suit your business. Even if you already have a network, we can review/up-date your network requirements, advise you on wireless networking, train your staff and teach you best practices.

Patch Management

All computers require updating and this is where patching comes into place. Incorrectly applying the patches could cause you problems, such as downtime or systems not responding.

We test all patches before applying them to your systems. This is normally carried out during out of office hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your staff’s working day.

Performance Tuning

As part of the service, we carry out full tuning of your systems for maximum performance.


We support all printer makes and models, software installation and patching. We can fix most printer problems on site. Should we need to take the printer away, and then we can provide a spare.

Photocopier Integration

As part of our service and providing the photocopier has the facility, and then we can integrate it onto your network.

Remote Desktop Support

Daily IT support for complete piece of mind. We can resolve most computer problems remotely as long as your computer can still access the internet. Simply contact us by phone or email and we will endeavor to resolve any issues in a speedy and efficient manner.

Should you have any questions or issues using your computer, simply call us and we will work with you to resolve the query.

Scanning and Multi-Media

We support network scanners and multimedia software again as part of the standard IT support we provide to all our clients.

Security Implementation – Spyware, Anti-Spam and Virus Control

Security is vital to a successful business. Your clients and staff need to be confident that the information they handle/generate/transfer is secure. Hackers continuously improve their methods to breach security within organizations so you must take a proactive approach and protect yourself.

Why not take advantage of our one day security spot checks.

We can act as an independent party to review your current arrangements. Why not carry out an ad howsecurity check to ensure your business is protected as well as you thinks it is! Its money well spent!

Verify how secure your systems really are:

– Evaluate the safety of your networks.
– Test the security of your company based personal computers.
– Implement tactics to find out all potential security breach.

Our engineers are experts in the field our security and can advise you on the best security measures for your business. These include:

Virus protection and removal

Viruses are an on-going concern and threat to any business. We recommend and configure anti-virus programs and carry out regular checks to ensure your PC is protected from viruses which could damage your computer, data and even networks.

Spyware protection

We are expert in spyware detection. We can check your systems and ensure any spyware is removed.


We install and implement the right Firewall solution to meet your business needs, to ensure a secure perimeter of your network.

Site Documentation

We provide site documents for all our clients with full details of system configurations, user details and external support contacts for service providers i.e. your Internet provider. This ensures a smooth and efficient support from all our staff.

Software Support Liaison

Whether you need help configuring, installing or maintaining your software, Ridgeway computers IT can help. We can also advise on what software is best suited to your business needs.

We can source and install standard software packages, as well as bespoke software to meet specific business needs.

Our liaison service ensures that we obtain the right software for you and tha¬t the installation of the software package runs smoothly and is installed to give the best possible result.

System Maintenance Monitoring

We continuously monitor the performance of your systems to ensure they work to their full potential, allowing for most problems to be detected and resolved before they occur. This service includes:

  • Morning Checks – we check the core infrastructure of systems to ensure overnights have been co-mpleted.
  •  Intrusion Detection
  •  Exchange / Email Monitoring
  •  Backup monitoring and data restoration checks – since an untested backup is not really a backup!!!
  •  Performance base-lining
  •  Desk Top Maintenance
  •  Monitoring of your server to spot problems before they occur.
  •  Hardware Monitoring Checks
  •  Internet Services
  •  Implementation of latest patches and software updates to ensure their smooth running and that systems remain secure.
  •  Optimization of your computer’s working speed
  •  Carrying out regular servicing to expand the life of your hardware.


At some point we will also look to implement a Virtualization solution, if required. Allowing you to run more servers on a single piece of hardware, saving you money and space. This also gives a standard machine that can be easily backed up and restored.

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